How to meet great VC's without warm intros?

(Akos Balogh) #1

Hi Folks,
As we are internationals with the limited local network, it is pretty hard to meet the right VC’s. We went to conferences so got some contacts but still feel that it is a closed group or professionals. Any suggestions are appreciated. We are in the Health, waerables, accessories industrie. Thank you :slight_smile:

(Nick Abouzeid) #3

No surefire solution. Best way is to put yourself in the right place to be discovered.

-Get active on Twitter (and other networks like this!). Thoughtfully engage in conversations where you have some missing context or unique perspective.
-Apply to YC, Techstars, Village Global, etc.
-Ask your current network for introductions to people who could offer a warm intro. Unsure how much time you’ve invested in this already. They might not be a 2nd degree connection, but a 3rd degree doesn’t seem unrealistic.
-Launch on Product Hunt and do well. VCs and journalists alike will frequently reach out to companies that launch successfully if they’re interested in backing it. disclaimer: used to work at PH, happy to help with that process

Alongside all of this: work on something that’s a good fit for VC funding. What traction can you point to (Successful Kickstarter? Presales? Email list?)? Why is this a billion dollar company/opportunity? If you’ve spoken with a few VCs already, might be worth examining why they passed.

Hope this is helpful!

(Akos Balogh) #4

Hi thank you for the reply. Lets connect please (i connected you on linkedin). Best regards

(Levi Bethune) #5

This is really helpful and relates to something a lot of people tend to ignore: storytelling. If you have a compelling story (and it usually consists of the main characters, “Market Size,” “Product,” and “Traction.”) then even the VCs who pass will talk about you to others who might not.

On that note, use whatever contacts you have collected, and provide some kind of value to them (share their posts, make meaningful intros…) and only then ask for a meeting. But better still is to make your ask an intro to someone they think would be a good fit for you. Be generous with your time and people are more inclined to be generous with theirs.

(Andrew Chen) #6

There’s a great Steve Martin quote on this-
“Be so good they can’t ignore you”

VCs will certainly invest in companies overseas - but the bar is much higher. So you need really substantial traction, a strong product, a great team. Without these things, why wouldn’t they just invest in what’s easy/nearby in SF?

It can certainly be done! Just keep at it and there are definitely ways to break through.

(Akos Balogh) #7

Andrew, I LOVE your words :slight_smile: we are in SF and working very hard to be SO GOOD.
Happy Monday Sir.

(Akos Balogh) #8

Thank you Levi, take care A.

(Akos Balogh) #9

Hi Andrew, I dont want to put names here… but in the last 2 days i had more pitch to GREAT VS’s than before in 4 weeks. So far so good, very positive feedbacks on my story.
Good evening Akos