How to find early adopters?

(Itai Bar Sinai) #1

I just launched an app for managing recommendations between friends called “Queue”. Download here: (feedback welcome!).

We’re trying to bridge the gap between when a person wants to recommend something (you, just walking out of a new restaurant thinking “Man, Jake would love it here”) and when the other person wants to actually get the recommendation (Jake, two weeks later, looking for a new place to dine).

The current communication paradigms don’t provide a solution for this common scenario. Texting someone just gets lost in the conversation (unless she manages her own lists).

So in “Queue” you have rich categorized “todo” lists, which your contacts can add stuff to as well. So you have everything waiting for you in an orderly fashion for when the time comes to find your next movie/tv show/restaurant/book…

I’m currently looking for smart ways to attract our first big wave of users (we’re in the hundreds now). I was thinking about approaching people who do recommendations semi-professionally (like bloggers, recommendations group admins, etc.).

Would love to get advice on how to find these people or on any other approach you think might be useful for our case.