How to do Effective B2B Marketing

(deuce) #1

My company is a two sided event sponsorship marketplace. We have a fairly easy time aggregating the events onto the platform and are looking to start investing more heavily into more B2B marketing to attract more brands to sponsor the events.

Was curious what folks have found the most effective? We have been exploring running paid tests with Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc as well as more content marketing to establish ourselves as thought leaders.

(Matt Quinn) #2

How did you find your first set of early users?

You probably get this a lot but my gut immediately screams “COLD EMAIL”

(Dane Madsen) #3

Will you expand to include a high-level description of your offering? This is very broad and changes for every offering.

(deuce) #4

Exactly, we do a ton of cold outreach using - That works really well for us but you can’t rely on only cold email. We are looking to diversify our lead generation and find out what is the cheapest and most effective.

(deuce) #5

The easiest way to compare us is like an Airbnb style platform for event sponsors. We allow brands to search and discover events where that they can sponsor.

If you are a brand and want to find events to sponsor in a market like Los Angeles, there is no easy way to do it. We have a lot of success with CPG brands looking to pass out samples.

(Matt Quinn) #6

Pull together a community space on sponsorships - bring in the brand leads who usually deal with this. Get customers to talk about how they did it and the ROI etc.

With my CMO hat on, I will experiment with any new channel that comes to me and says it’s better/cheaper.