How to become more than just a growth analyst?

(Tara) #1

First, I need to thank @andrewchen for his contribution to the growth community. You have inspired many people like me.

A bit about myself, I’m experienced in data wrangling, data analysis and interpreting data to find growth opportunities for businesses.

Our growth team only has 2 team members. The VP and myself. So I have to constantly work with different teams like analytics, product, design, etc. One of the main challenges that I’m facing recently is that I feel like I’m becoming good at many things, because I’m doing projects with other teams, but I’m not becoming great at one thing! I think because of my technical background I tend to spend more time on data science projects than marketing related projects.

My question is, how can I avoid becoming a generalist and focus more on growth and be more than just an analyst?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

(Andrew Chen) #2

My take- try to drive the analysis towards their natural conclusions on execution, and carry it all the way through! And as you pick up more experience and work across more companies, you’ll generally make your skills more horizontal naturally