How do you monitor user behavior inside your app?

(Kate Frangos) #1

Hey all,

Understanding what your users (or customers alternatively) do inside your app is variable.

Some apps have ways of indexing (or tracking) what content/screens/pages users see, view, touch (click), etc. I’ve heard terms like “events” to “sessions” “clicks” in general…

This is how we monitor user behavior inside apps. But I’m sure there are other ways of doing it. How do you monitor user behavior in your app in order to understand your users/customers better?

(Stephen Hawkins) #2

I am also looking for a good solution. I would like to see user behavior across our iOS and Android app as well as actions on web. I would also like to attribute behavior across platform to a particular user. I’d like to be able to reach out to individuals with emails like “it looks like you forgot something in your cart…”

(Louis) #3

This is probably exactly what you need:
I actually wrote my own custom code to integrate with Google Universal Analytics - but if I had to start over I would use Firebase.

(Phil Anderson) #4

There is an awesome tool called AppSee that let’s you literally see how people are using your app. I’ve found this invaluable for finding usability problems that don’t come out in the other data sources like Mixpanel. They also produce heatmaps and user funnels.

(Sebastian Zontek) #5

For large scale implementations (from 100M to billions monthly user interactions) we have built a real-time data collection and analytics platform Deep.BI. The idea is to send every important user behavior (event) and the explore it in many angles to find patterns, anomalies, etc. It requires from app developers implementing a small pieces of code that send data via REST API and as the data is sent, developers can instantly build real-time dashboard with custom metrics and reports.

I’d be happy to share our experience with scaling big titles (e.g. acquiring traffic from many sources, converting free2play users) - just drop me an email at

(disclaimer: I’m a cofounder of Deep.BI)

(Kate Frangos) #6

Hey St_hawk, good point regarding e-commerce apps. Notifying users that they didnt complete a purchase is important especially the fact that the average drop off rate in the funnel is around 68%! Although we don’t offer an email notification, we do however offer the marketer to engage with the users immediately, by the minute, hour, day etc. by sending the user a friendly push message or visual message showing the product/cart saying, "Hey John, looks like you forgot your ‘insert product name’…" We can integrate data with an easy plugin through SalesForce,Hybris,Microsoft Dynamics to your app channel (iOS, Android, Web app/hybrids, etc). Hope the answers your question a bit

(Kate Frangos) #7

The heat maps are great! Love how it is visual. We also do heatmaps to show data, but only through indoor proximity via beacons to show where customers dwell, pass, enter/exit etc. in a store, for example.

(Mark Viloria) #8

We use a variety of different apps to track app usage.

  • Segment/Google Analytics for general usage (e.g. time spent on page)
  • Heap Analytics for retroactive event tracking
  • Hotjar for heat maps and user flow recordings
  • Lookback for guerrilla usability testing

(Kate Frangos) #9

Hey Mark,

thanks for your comment. Can you explain the type of events you track and what the user flow means? do you actually trace where the user explores (is that the flow recordings? And what does the guerrilla usability entail?

(Chandan Benjaram) #10

A free solution I adopted for my app: is to post everything into Google Tag Manager. This includes, mobile app actions/events/sessions posted to GTM. Same for email activity. Ditto for Web activity. In a nutshell, I have backend built w/t Rails that aggregates these data points and takes appropriate actions periodically. Hope that helps!

(Stephen Hawkins) #11

We’re moving to a hybrid of Google Analytics for web traffic and Firebase for iOS and Android. We’ve integrated Firebase and Analytics so we can view Firebase data in Analytics for a holistic view.

(Toben Schwartz) #12

My company, acerapps, recently did an exhaustive project looking at finding the best solution for mobile analytics for our apps – we have a dozen of them. We started looking at Mixpanel, Localytics, and Amplitutde. None of them were really to our liking and also too expensive.

We finally found Pyze, a startup that has an intelligence platform that automates a lot of the things we felt we needed to do manually with the mobile analytics solutions. Things like segmentation and campaign definition were a real pain points for us. Pyze automatically segments users across behavioral attributes and makes userbase exploration straightforward. They also have pretty good tools to automate user engagement based on behavior.

I asked them how they could offer the service for free long term and they said they will be introducing more functionality in a paid tier. Its worked out really well for us and we’ve deployed it in 4 of our apps. We’ll be rolling it out to the others as we do the next set of updates.

(Nicolas Embleton) #13

Just had a look at Pyze. Seems awesome… The only question is will they sustain long enough… Have you asked whether you could collect your datapoints&more back in case something goes south?
I’ll give them a try I think. We’ve been somewhat forced to do our own monitoring solution but of course an affordable system would save a lot of the cost/effort/distraction.

(Toben Schwartz) #14

They seem to be well funded and are picking up a lot of momentum so we aren’t worried. They do have an enterprise plan that lets you access data via an api if that is a concern.

(Emily Goldring) #15

There are so many great tools that can provide you the quantitative data about your user behavior. But part of understanding user behavior is actually seeing how users interact with your app and this is captured with qualitative analytics. Like mentioned above a great tool that can show you this data with user session recordings and touch heatmaps is Appsee.

[Note: I work for Appsee :slight_smile:]

(Jordi Favà) #16

The tool to use depends on what do you want to track. There are different tools, most of them in the replies.

  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar for heatmaps
  • Amplitude
  • MixPanel
  • Flurry

Sometimes the solution is to use some of the tools and user their APIs to create a useful dashboard for your app.

(Andrew Chen) #17

(Yoav Yechiam) #18

Hi all,

I’ve just joined today and I see that this thread has been “a bit” quiet over the last 2 years :wink:
But as the subject of Behaviour Analytics is kind of my specialty, Id be happy to share my 2 cents on How to choose the right Analytics tool for the job & on Analytics strategy. Both published on Mind the Product.

Hope you find it interesting.
I’d love to hear your feedback.


(Aliya Bhatia) #19

This is SO helpful! Thank you!

(Laura Levy) #20

I agree with @EMobile’s statement - Appsee is a great tool for tracking user behavior.

Here’s an article on user behavior analytics tools - hope this helps you find the solution that works best for you.

Good luck!