How do you make your email marketing stand out in a crowded inbox?

(Cara) #1

People get SO many damn emails these days. How do you guys try to make your emails stand out? Any tips or tricks to share?

(Alex Tapper) #2

:wave:t2: Emoji in the subject line

(Cara) #3

Yes! I’ve seen that. It definitely works.

(Alex Tapper) #4

That definitely helps the subject line stand out.

Also, personalization. Seems like an obvious one, but if you can put their first name, company name, or something your user will recognize, that will help them open the email. With APIs like Clearbit, this is even easier nowadays.

For enterprise sales emails, I always write them custom for each recipient. Takes 10-20x longer per email but has a much higher open & reply rate.

(A. Lester Buck III) #5

How to make your email stand out? How about writing a subject line that … stands out. (Who knew?)

I.e., basic copywriting. How creative are you? The sky is the limit. Listen to this seven minute audio and you can do it, too.

The transcript is at, but you want to listen to this, not read it.

(Nicola Strand) #6

Late to this. Agree with good copywriting to raise email engagement (i.e. open and click rates) but go a step further and look at your web analytics too, to ensure that email recipients are doing what you want them to do on site. A 40% open rate, for example, is nothing to shout about if the bounce rate is 70% - this means that there’s disconnect between the messaging in the email and what you’re leading them to do onsite. Good luck :smiley: