Growth Hacking - Learn by Doing or Go to School?

(Eduard Jubany Tur) #1


What is the best way to become a professional growth hacker? Learn by doing or going to school?

I’m an entrepreneur and marketer. I’ve been wondering what’s the best way to learn growth hacking (pro level, deep level). I know the basics and mid-level knowledge of digital marketing and I want to go deeper into it. The schools in Europe that do have growth hacking courses seem to just cover general topics and not go deep enough.

GrowthX in SF seems to have a nice curriculum, diving more into it. I still believe the best way to learn would be to just do a traineeship with somebody who’s really knowledgeable about it? What do you think?

(Ryan Hashemi) #2

Definitely by doing. No question about it. Get your hands dirty. The problem is that the best growth hacking tricks are kept to ourselves. We don’t go to these facebook groups or forums and share the greatest and most effective methods we’ve learned after painstaking trial and error unless we’re hanging our hat as a growth hacker. I really don’t care for conferences and curriculums.

Here is the best way to learn in my opinion: create a project and actually try to make it successful. Make some gag gift, some drop-ship product, or a hand crafted item that can scale. Then try to blow it up. Create a landing page, put a store together (super cheap and easy with Shopify) and then go! Try all the techniques possible to bring customers: Facebook Ads, SEO, data scraping, email marketing, etc.

You will learn a ton by trying to make things work. No curriculum will make you a great growth hacker or really move the needle much at all. It wont stick unless you can immediately apply and practice. Plus, the cutting edge stuff is not taught in curriculums.

Best of luck!

(Eduard Jubany Tur) #3

Thank you Ryan! Much appreciated. I want to learn the cutting edge stuff precisely, at least, that’s what I’m hoping to be able to learn. I think I’ll follow the route you mention, it’s what I already been doing for the past years.