Growth Hacking in China--too early?

(Francis Crispino) #1

Would like to try and apply the growth hacking tools to the Chinese market. Any thoughts? Any one with relevant experience?

(Zoe Liang) #2

No real experiences but just seen most popular ones:

Viral content (articles/videos/games) on WeChat & Weibo, celebrity (both web and mainstream) sponsorship, partnerships with powerful ones (both company and people) etc.

China is a very populated country and the market has more segmentations based on people’s geographic location and socio-demographics. In order to cut the crowd, it’s about how your marketing message can speak to your target audience in the right channel. Besides WeChat and Weibo, there are other channels such as Zhihu (like Quara), Douban (like Reddit), Ximalaya (like iTune), Youku/Meipai (like YouTube), and so on.