Growth and category creation/definition - Best practices?

(Antoine Buteau) #1

Following Qualtrics by SAP for $8B, Bryce Roberts posted this tweet: “Category creation and definition is far too underutilized as a startup super power. The results for Qualtrics are undeniable and equally available to others willing to put in the work to stand apart.”

I was wondering if any of you have best practices on the topic and how would you go about building the growth infrastructure to help create, define and measure a new category.

(Andrew Chen) #2

Two books I love on this topic:

They cover a bunch of important topics around how to compete both within existing categories as well as what it means to set yourself apart.

I think for the most part this is not a “growth” exercise - it’s something about navigating the marketplace of ideas to come up with a new pithy category, attach it to memes which are getting traction, and then going from there.

(Dane Madsen) #3

I am not a fan of the term “best practices”. The sources have little connection and the practices vary significantly making the reader crazy trying to operationalize any of it. Even then, best practices optimize many businesses for the past, not the future.

Blue Ocean is an excellent read. The title is a little hyperbolic because even the authors acknowledge that competitors will rise when such a strategy is successful, but it does provide a great thought process about your business or a new one.