Great resources to learn more about growth

(Bogdan Pol) #1

I’m going through a career change, going from development to a growth marketing role. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff online and already putting some of it in practice with mixed results.

I’m interested if there are some resources you’d say are great and insightful for newbies.

The Gimmegrowth course, for example, was a great starter for me. I felt some of the content in the course resonated with the mid-level company spot we are currently at.

Have you found any other courses helpful?
Are there any books in particular that have shifted the way you think about growth in general?
Are there any articles or videos that have positively impacted your career?

PS. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on this forum and it’s been incredibly useful so far. I am truly thankful to each of you who contributed.

(William Doom) #2

I enjoy blog and reading case studies on

(Andrew Chen) #3

I think the best two books on the topic are:

I’m also super involved at Reforge and they are doing a good job putting everything together. Go ahead and check out their newsletter etc.

(Bogdan Pol) #4

Thank you guys for the responses!

William, thank you for the suggestions. I’ve been following Andrew’s blog for some time now. Also, did you enjoy any case studies from GrowthHackers more than others?

Also, thank you Andrew. It’s an honour to get suggestions from the man himself. I’ve started reading Hacking Growth and I’m looking forward to join Reforge in Spring. The Reforge Brief is impressive as well.

I’ve started a Conversion XL course called Growth Marketing Mini degree. It is very helpful so far! I personally think no other investment pays dividends as good as education.

And, I’m adding a few resources that helped me for others to reference:

(Laura Levy) #5

Exciting career change! :slight_smile:

A few free-to-download eBooks that I recommend:

Mobile App Growth Hacking: Why it’s changed and where it’s going

The product manager’s guide to customer-centered growth

I’m a huge Medium fan. Here are some of my favorite publications to follow:

Marketing & Growth Hacking
The Startup

Good luck!

(Gil Akos) #6

Recently found Julian Shapiro’s Growth Guide and highly recommend it.

(Josh Meyer) #7

I really love these Medium publications: