Global Green Economy Index

(Jeremy Tamanini) #1

We publish the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI). It ranks 130 countries according to 20 indicators linked to climate change, efficiency sectors, green markets and the environment. Published every two years, we have achieved 200,000+ global downloads and have established a profitable business model through client subscriptions and consulting building customized measurement frameworks off the GGEI model. More on the product here:

Technology offers many opportunities for growth to the GGEI. Our goal is to link the GGEI with a much larger user base and allow for the GGEI data to be utilized in more impactful, localized ways. This can accelerate understanding of the green economy, local advocacy, business innovation and other solutions. We’d love the community’s reactions to the product overall and these specific Qs:

  • what new processes could enrich the data-side of the GGEI and what are the companies we should link to (e.g. automation)?

  • what platforms might benefit from integrating the GGEI data and established user base?

  • what other examples are there from the market today of innovative linkages between environmental data and new technologies?

Many thanks and appreciation in advance to the community.

  • Jeremy