Funnel Optimization

(Roberto Bolanos ) #1

Which articles essays you specifically recommend for funnel optimization?

The things I’m struggling:

  • should I do simultaneous experiments in different parts of the funnel?
  • why yes or why not
  • how many can I
  • should I start at the top or at the bottom?

(Andrew Chen) #2

for just the landing page, here’s a great book:

I agree that generally there’s a missing part to talk about funnel optimization more generally. But I haven’t found great resources besides just talking to folks who’ve been working on this area for a long time.

(Roberto Bolanos ) #3


I never thought you would personally answer my question. That was REALLY awesome.

Thank you really much! I just bought the book. If you have other suggestions for funnel optimization s please let me know

(David Janczyn) #4

Hey Roberto,

My new job is Direct Response funnel heavy:

  1. Depends, because I’ve seen tests increase clickthroughs on Step 1 but then hurt conversions downfunnel. Because of this, I usually run 1 test per main funnel, and am shoot for more holistic impact, vs. just click throughs on a step. However you can run a multitude of ‘post-purchase’ tests on the backend (upsells, referrals). We have loads of paid traffic, so my cadence is 1-2 weeks max per main test, which enables fairly high velocity and iteration
  2. I’d start at the very bottom, checkout page. Those are the highest intent visitors.