First time marketer

(Ramesh Jayavaram) #1

For first time marketers (including those who recently switched careers) what are the most important topics/technology/tools to learn that will make them a true marketer?

(leonardo) #2
  1. Learn basic web analytics

Nowadays, there’s a lot to know in web analytics, and you don’t have to be a web analyst. You just need to know the basic of analytics.

Follow the blog.

  1. Copywriting

You need as well a basic understanding of copywriting.
Read Ogilvy on Advertising
and Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples

  1. Technology, technology and technology

The ability to understand the impact of new consumer-facing technologies is more important than ever.
Learn how to understand and evaluate the good SaaS marketing and analytics products for your business.

Tomorrow’s marketers (and product managers) who will be able to pick up and use the right technologies are the ones who will have a serious impact on your business.

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(Rich Akhmerov) #3

You can spend all your time reading and learning and trying new platforms but until you understand EMPATHY and how to portray it across your channels, then all the tools and other crap in the world won’t save you.