Favorite discussions from Product Hunt Q&A?

(Andrew Chen) #1

I did a Q&A from Product Hunt a while ago. I’m thinking about taking some of these questions and developing them more into essays for the blog.

Any of these stand out, where you’d be interested in hearing a more detailed response?

(Santiago) #2

Hi Andrew,
I think the whole Q&A from Product Hunt is very interesting but I would like to know more about:

  • Tactics or channels you are implementing at Uber (You replied a question regarding Uber’s referral program).
  • What are the best channels, in your opinion, taking in account the position of the startup in his lifecycle. (In relation to Juraj Pal’s question: “Hi Andrew, what are some underrated channels to use right now to promote your product?”)

(Aron Sebastian) #3

Just echoing what SntCasado has said here.

You mentioned that, when first starting out, start-ups should use channels the incumbents can’t/won’t focus on because they’re looking for scale: mailing lists, forums, and I guess blogs or podcasts would fit here as well. This resonated with me as I’m working on a concept in travel (obviously a highly competitive industry with the incumbents spending incredible amounts of $$).

This definitely stood out to me and is a point I’d love for you to give a bit more color around (e.g. examples of start-ups that did this well?).