Every new email subscriber to my blog get pointed at The Backchannel

(Andrew Chen) #1

One of the biggest objectives in the way I’ve designed my blog is to get people to subscribe by email to my content. At this point, I now have a healthy pipeline of thousands of new subscribers per month.

Using mailchimp, I now have an autoresponder as well. It mostly sends the single highest-performing kind of email I’ve seen: A list of links. It recommends a list of my older content, first focused on growth, then focused on product/mobile.

Today, I’ve also added a final email in the autoresponder, which is an invite to join us here at The Backchannel. I’m hopeful that this will lead to a nice trickle of new users signing up every day. Should be fun!

(Denis Gorbachev) #2

@andrewchen, I liked the “list of links” email a lot!


@andrewchen The forum looks great. I stumbled across it while checking out your blog. Are you using Discourse? It would make it easier to sign up for the forum if there was a sign in with Twitter option.

(Andrew Chen) #4

Yeah, I’m using Discourse. Should be easy to set up Twitter sign in, let me work on that…

UPDATE: Done :smile:

(Stephen Willis) #5

I used to use MailChimp but found I only spend 1/3 of the money using Mailerlite now. Same thing and better customer service.