Email referral marketing - need a tool, do you know any?

(Paul Berkovic) #1

Hi All -

I’m looking for email referral tech that isn’t going to break the bank. Many of them out there are full marketing referral tools that are expensive $hundreds/month. When I say full, I mean they are built for product purchase / e-commerce sites, but I’m just looking for the email referral part (more below). Also hoping to keep it <$100 per month.

I’ve looked pretty hard and realise the answer isn’t in Google, but rather from someone that’s done it before.

The basic workflow I’m hoping for is something like (I’ll take whatever I can get!)

Step 1: Person A signs up on our website
Step 2: After signup they are promoted to share a unique URL on social (or copy and paste into an email) - with the promise of something great if they hit a target (e.g. of getting 5 friends to sign up)
Step 3: Person A shares unique link on social with the click of a few buttons
Step 4: Person B sees the unique link and clicks it (and signs up - they then get prompted with their own unique URL to share)
Step 5: Person A is notified via email that someone signed up using their unique URL (only 4 more to go before you get something awesome!)

Here’s a screenshot from Canva who have implemented this exactly (I’ve reached out to them to ask about it, but haven’t heard back). This is what you see after you’ve signed up:

I’m currently checking ProductHunt for ideas, but really want to hear if you know of anything!

Thanks, Paul.

(Paul Berkovic) #2

Here is more information for other peoples benefit in case they come here looking for an answer.

Canva responded - much to their credit because my question had nothing to do with their product.

The answer is it is an open source solution built by an online retailer called Harry’s - everything you need to know about how they did it is here:

It’s an impressive post and worth reading.

You need to be technical to implement it, so it’s not the solution I’m looking for, but at least the solution has been de-mystified.

(Joel) #3

I’d recommend They are very active and very responsive. The free version is pretty fully functional.

Also there’s But I’m not sure how stable they are as a company.

Both are aimed at launches but you could probably set them up to work with an already-launched product.

(Boris Goncharov) #5

Oh, this looks cool! Wonder if they allow to upload your HTML templates or to edit their code