Email Lead Capture - Considering Sumo?

(Chow789) #1


We are currently using Privy to do email capture on our ecommerce site. However, in order to gain visibility into the traffic sources/mediums, we have pay the $299/mo tier which is too expensive. We are considering Sumo to achieve this but worry that it will be about the same price.

Would anyone be able to point me to information about how we can implement this ourselves (coding required via API is ok) in order to figure out the traffic sources? Or if we should even take this route?

Thanks in advance.

(Gilad Amozeg) #2

Which platform do you use for email management? Some email SaaS offer built-in email capture capabilities. It may be worthwhile considering it. For example, Active Campaign (as low as $60/Month) offers such option.

(Chow789) #3

We are using Privy. They offer capture capabilities but charging $299/month for the plan, which we think is too expensive. Thanks for the tip on Active Campaign, will look into it!

(MacDonald) #4

The brands I work with use either sumo or justuno. I much prefer the latter.

JustUno has a great integration with GA which makes it very simple to measure email capture CVR by traffic source. Sumo can work, but you’ve got to hack it together a little bit, at least from my experience.

(Chow789) #5

What kind hacking? I assumed Sumo can right away show the source URLS and source mediums with their out of the box analytics?

I had checked out justuno, but their pricing was just as expensive as privy’s…$299/mo…we are looking for something in the $100 range that can give us insights into the visitor source URLs and mediums…

(MacDonald) #6

Oh okay, I hear you. I actually only worry about seeing email performance metrics within Google Analytics, so I don’t know enough about Sumo’s in-platform features to be too helpful here.

The ‘hack’ I was talking about was having to manually place the analytics code in Sumo’s different pop ups. That way they’d show up in the Events tab in GA and I could add the source / medium as a second dimension.

Justuno does that out of the box. I understand it is on the pricier side.

(Chow789) #7

Ah, I see where you are coming from. But then what tools do you use to check your incoming traffic source URLs? We are not on GA enterprise so we have no access to that data.

When I had corresponded with Sumo, they gave me the impression that the analytics would be out of the box. Thanks a lot for letting me know about this!

Actually I had mixed up our page views per month with users. My client only has 10k/month so the $19/mo at JustUno is great! Thanks for the rec!

(MacDonald) #8

I don’t often have the need to see specific URLs. 85% of our traffic comes from a UTM’ed link, so I get most of what I need by adding a source or campaign dimension.

Just for clarification, what do your clients do that require a focus on referral URLs?

(Chow789) #9

Oh! Good question. Actually my client gets a lot of email signups through the popup on their ecommerce site. They want to be able to increase the percentage of signups or increase the number of overall visitors that would potentially convert over email signup. So they want to be able to know the referral URL so that they can figure out how to go about increasing these metrics.

But now that you’ve asked, it came to mind there must be other ways/metrics/tools to go about studying/learning about incoming traffic?

(MacDonald) #10

Exactly. You should ideally be able to use UTM tags to measure the traffic from paid ads or partnerships. If there are a lot of referring sites w/out UTMs, you’ll be able to see some of that information in the referral path

For email, I’d look at a few other things:

  1. Pop up rules - I’ll jump into accounts sometimes and realize we can show a 20-30% more relevant impressions by tweaking the conditions for the pop up.
  2. $ value of a ‘welcome drip’ user - I imagine new sign ups are fed into some automation drip. If a certain percentage convert from this welcome drip you can calculate the dollar value and use it as a byproduct of paid ROAS.
  3. How new rules affect value of users - if you begin capturing more emails by scaling certain traffic sources or adjusting pop up rules, then the $/sign up will likely diminish somewhat. i like to revisit this stuff ~monthly. It also helps to understand how AB testing in the welcome drip affects overall value.

(Chow789) #12

These are really helpful pointers, thank you! Will be implementing them.

But I do have one question regarding #1 on popup rules: I’m not understanding how tweaking the popup conditions can increase rate of impressions. As I’m new, my understanding is that impressions is the count of how many users see (but not necessarily sign up) for the email signup popup. I think I might be confused, because right now, my client pops up for every visitor to the site. Since you’re more experienced, would you see any reason NOT to do that? (excluding case of repeat customers who already signed up etc.)