Do you use pop-ups on your website?

(Caroline Gonzalez) #1

Hi there!
I’m managing a web rebuild (Kentico) for a membership-based organisation (about 6000 members) and I’m wondering if anyone has expertise on the use of pop-ups for getting feedback or recruiting user testers, like the below? Any insights on typical user response rates for such non-advertising purposes?

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(Ainslie) #2

I can only speak for myself - and I am not sure what your target demographic looks like.

But I hate popups. So much so, that as soon as one appears I close down the website that inflicted it on me and try never to return!

Perhaps others feel differently.

(Albert) #3

I’ve seen very good product feedback tools used in Skyscanner, TravelPerk, Airbnb. Rather than to sign users up for teating, small 1-5 question surveys are shown to specific user types in specific places. I’m currently implementing this with Webengage, there’s quite some work on the data side to get it out to the right user, but nothing thatt can’t be managed. I suggest you give it a go, I think its a greatproduct practice.

(Julien Van Bekkum) #4

Hi Caroline,

I see you are using Hotjar Recruiters,
To increase the probability of the signup rate I would recommend keeping your survey headline short and compact.
Your current one is too long, this is a bad user experience, nobody is going to read this. You only got 1 or 2 seconds to convince people to take a next step.

E.g. some headline examples:

  • Can we borrow #m of your time?
  • Are you an expert?
  • Help us improve and get early acces.

Then use the “we are improving…of your time” in the expanded view to further explain what you are looking for.

This is my personal experience so it might not work for you as you business, visitors, region, product, different.

As you can work with advanced targeting you can run several polls at once and figure out what wording approach works best for your visitors. Also mobile vs. desktop might require another approach.

reg Julien

(Caroline Gonzalez) #5

Thanks Albert for the tips

(Caroline Gonzalez) #6

Thanks Julien, thanks for pointing out the details (actually that example I supplied is from another site, not ours) but your comments are really helpful.

I’ll be sure to advise our success rate/s once executed and analysed!

(Rich Akhmerov) #7

I have to completely agree with you. Intrusive pop-ups are a great way to make lots of people hate your site and never want to return, especially when you have poorly styled/scripted pop-ups on a mobile screen. No one wants to find that little X button and then press on it. I think that a tooltip at the bottom screen, however, can be useful and effective as long as it’s not intrusive. And for a mobile screen, I would ideally embed the CTA/form into the page’s content, that way they’re not being interrupted and can scroll past it if they choose to.

(Caroline Gonzalez) #8

Excellent feedback Richard, I appreciate your comments here.