Curated newsletters / world's first network of newsletters

(Jonathan Abrams) #1

Hi folks,

I invented the first big social networking service, and now I’m founder & CEO of the news discovery service Nuzzel.

We just launched a new way to curate newsletters today, and are trying to build the world’s first network of newsletters.

I’m interested in thoughts on how to promote and grow this new network of newsletter curators!


(Ravi Vyas) #2

@abrams This is awesome, just started using it. One feature I found missing, which may help growth of the feature within the current user base is a single button to add a story I am currently reading to my newsletter, possibly with commentary. It will reduce a lot of friction to add stories to my news letter. Of course, if it becomes too easy you will get a lot of noise.

(Jonathan Abrams) #3

Hi Ravi, thanks for your feedback!

We do have a Add to Newsletter button on our site, and a bookmarklet and mobile share sheet too.



(Ravi Vyas) #4

Totally missed the bookmarklet, you could have native button in the news listing itself, similar to pocket’s recommend button, or Nuzzle’s RT button. Also you could promote the feature within the app with either a what’s new pop up or some sort of nudge. Curious as to why you did not do it. It could also have helped me realise that there is a new share bookmarklet.

(Jonathan Abrams) #5

Great ideas, we will be doing those things, thanks!

(Vinish Garg) #6

I found Nuzzel via Kevin Siskar, see I am liking it now. :slight_smile:

(Hugo Damasio) #7

I am testing out ways to have a curated newsletter, and so far Nuzzle is ahead of the competition. Great work @abrams!