CTA email popup capture on mobile - effective?

(Chow789) #1

Hi Guys,

New to the digital marketing space. I’m implementing an email popup capture with JustUno for a client. Was wondering if anyone is well-versed with CTA popups? I read they are much more effective than regular popups but not sure why? And is this statistic true across all types of ecommerce mobile sites?

(Rajeev Sharma) #2

What would be the trigger point for that pop up? Generally people don’t like being interrupted does not matter if it is desktop or mobile.

(Andrew Chen) #3

I had a bunch of popovers/popups on my blog but eventually removed them. I did the attribution analysis and it seemed like it contributed a bit, but it was <10% and really annoying.

Instead, I think a clear exchange of value works better- you put in your email to get a PDF/deck, or to register for an event, or something like that.

I still use exit intent on my blog to collect email though

(Dave) #4

I agree with Andrew. I’d also like to add: something like this should be a/b tested–you don’t have all the data from other people, so you don’t know their audience, their copy, etc which may affect conversion.

(Chow789) #5

A CTA button saying to “Sign Up!” Although, it might better if we labeled the floating sticky bar with something like “Sign Up for Free Shipping!”

(Chow789) #6

Thanks for the reply! Not well-versed in digital marketing terms but what do you mean by “their copy”?

(Chow789) #8

Thanks for the insight!

Can I ask what were your original popover/popup messages?