Cost and time to build an Instagram-like app from scratch?

(Petter) #21

Well, the average time to build an MVP of Instagram clone is about 400-450 hours. As it was mentioned above, costs to develop it depend on develop team (their hourly rate), platforms client choose, custom or pre-made design and other special features. We made an investigation where you can obtain more detailed information and more accurate numbers

(Jeanne Patrickson) #22

To build an exact app like Instagram from scratch, the time needed is 500 hours and the costs depends on the hourly of each company has. I suggest you that these kind of apps can be developed on PrestaShop platform and there are also ready-made mobile app builders available in the market.

(Stephen Pancheri) #23

I can tell you from personal experience that you should take all of your estimates and 10x them. It’s a significant challenge. We just completed our native iOS photo-sharing app and launched it to the app store:, ending what was a very long development cycle.

(Trioangle) #24

To build an exact instagram app it takes upto 8-10 weeks of the first version. They spent to analyse what the app should actually do and how it helps to the user
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We offer a white-label Instagram/Snapchat, optimized for B2C. See It’s a multi-million dollar project to build something beautiful and powerful. Anything under a few hundred thousand dollars will probably look and feel like junk. It’s very easy to hire an outsourcer and start spending money, and very hard to get something satisfactory in the end. Better to know what you’re going to get, and how much up front.

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From the 1850s till today photos exist as an integral part of our daily life evolving and advancing. Such an amazing success can not be unnoticed by startuppers, entrepreneurs and developers, who are becoming more interested in the creation of a photo sharing app like Instagram. I would like to explain the most basic and primary ideas on how to make an app like instagram.

(MaryBarth) #29

The duration of any app development solely depends on the complexity of the mobile app and the features that are required, as per the needs of the business. To develop an app like Instagram, the client needs to specify till what extent does he want his app to resemble Instagram, for what all platforms does he want the app to be compatible with and what is his target audience. Also If you need to promote your app you can use services of some mobile marketing agency.

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