Cornell Tech MBA in NYC Reviews - For International Students

(pratham) #1

Can some one give insights to this new program, which focusses on product management and entrepreneurship in the digital world ?

Although, it seems really exciting on the face value, considering its new, what are the job prospects for product roles for international students (if he has already prior work ex in pm roles)

(Lucas Nelson) #2

Hi Pratham,

I’ve actually helped teach at this program. Given how new it is, I don’t believe they have great data on where students have gone. (If memory serves they have graduated less than 200 people through this so far.)

I went ahead and asked the Director of Career Services to answer you question, here is what she sent me:

Marina Dadashev, Director of Career Services for CT.

Large tech companies typically sponsor foreign nationals for H1B visa, therefore, being an international student is not an issue for them. International students have the job prospects as US nationals. The recruiting process is highly selective and first and foremost depends on one’s ability to pass through rigorous rounds of interviews. For small/medium size companies, sponsorship is more of an issue, and most sponsor on a case by case basis.

(Kerem Tutuncu) #3

Hi Pratham,

I’m a current Cornell Tech MBA student. This program probably has the best resources you can find for digital entrepreneurs and prospective tech PM’s. The recruiters are aware of this, and almost all students who are in the market prefer and get PM jobs. Being an international is not a factor in getting a PM job, most of the tech companies sponsor. As a student with past PM experience and a Cornell Tech training, you will most likely have no problem receiving PM offers.

Also, check Johnson annual report’s employment stats for the 1st graduating Cornell Tech MBA class below: