Cohort analysis analytics tools

(Josh Meyer) #1

Hi all,

I’m debating between a few options for cohort analysis analytics. I need diverse characteristic grouping capabilities (aside from standard churn and retention tracking), API for exporting and uploading cohorts, and preferably a slick UI.

Can anyone recommend a tool you’ve worked with and liked?


(Yoav Yechiam) #2

I’m not sure I understand the API part…
But I’ve been using Mixpanel for a very long time and their solution is very good.


(Jon Edward Santillan) #3

Is it for web, mobile or both? You might want to check amplitude

(Laura Levy) #4

Hey @jthemeyer,

If you’re asking about cohort analysis analytics specifically for a mobile app, I suggest you give Appsee a try. Appsee includes all the features you mentioned (API, diverse characteristic grouping, and an intuitive UI). It’s also very easy to use with out-of-the-box event and screen tagging.

Good luck!