Can you review my pitch deck? Yes. Post here

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Hi all,
feel free to post any pitches you have here, and I’d be happy to write a couple comments on it. I review decks all the time so I’m happy to give my perspective.

Please post decks you want to make public! I won’t review private decks.


(Stephen Willis) #2

Hi Andrew,

This is my first pitch deck I created after much research. Since I am pre-revenue I cannot give some metrics right now.
This is putting myself out there, however, I want to grow as much as possible and listen to successful people to get there. We hopefully plan on launching in one month or less and I have not pitched this to any investors yet.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this.

Pitch Review for MeMakeMistake
(Andrew Chen) #3

(Jordan Graham) #4

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for extending the opportunity to tap into your thoughts.

Here’s a very early deck we developed in response to the offer you provided here. We’re excited to hear your thoughts and open to any conversations you may be interested in having, particularly around the idea itself.

Thanks again,
The Latis team.

(Evan Katz) #6

Hi Andrew,
Would love some feedback on our deck. We’re mainly using this right now as something we send over email to potential investors - what do you think?


Deck review for Pickle Competitive Selfies APp
(Stephen Willis) #7


Thank you for posting your deck. Even though I have a lot of work to do on mine and build traction, I appreciate the example for a starting point for others.
Also, you said your CAC was roughly $1.80. Was this derived from a variety of social media marketing channels. It said “based on industry average of similar apps”, but how did you come up with that?

(Andrew Chen) #8

Can you make this deck public? Otherwise it doesn’t make sense for me to do it + let everyone see my comments.


A have a question about how to focus the pitch desk.

I’m building ours right now, following Guy Kawasaki directions. I try to make it as graphical as possible, because I suppose I’m gonna present it to potential investors.

However lot of them ask for it before the call, or just ask for it. But the pitch desk, without the explanation doesn’t clarify everything. Should I focus more on a self-explanatory pitch desk ?


Dealing with investors who ask for decks
(Evan Katz) #10


Hey there - glad to help! The $1.80 was derived from basic research from some articles discussing app marketing benchmarks. I’m not an expert in the field yet, but it appears to vary substantially depending on the type of app you’re marketing. As we get more actual data from our own app, we’ll be updating it these numbers to reflect that.

(patrick browne) #12

Hi @andrewchen

You’re offering founders an awesome service - thank you!

We just launched the first iteration of our first product about 1.5 weeks ago. Have bootstrapped to date and plan to raise a small seed round this summer.

Here is the current state of the pitch deck (note that I redacted name of one of the team members as we are currently finalizing our agreement).

Lend yc pitchdeck_v4 - redacted from Pat Browne


Thanks in advance for any thoughts you, or anybody else, has!


Dealing with investors who ask for decks
Proposal: Can we have a thread for product pitches and feedback?
(Stephen Willis) #13

I see. This is a great article on the SaaS metrics using CAC and LTV
that I will be studying to derive my CAC in time after launch. Hope that also helps. Shout out to @Bart for recommending the author.


Hi again @andrewchen!

We just finished our pitch deck and we would love to have your feedback about it. We have tried to make it as graphical as possible, avoiding much text.

So some clarification are needed:

Slide 3: The problem: People spent lot of time collecting data from different sources. They haven’t data in real time to make decisions.
Slide 4: Our unfair advantage: We have been building this kind of panel for internal usage since a long time.
Slide 9: It’s just numbers. We don’t have any traction yet, but it’s something everyone want to see it.

Thanks in advance,

Pitch deck review for Tractionboard, a traction analytics platform
(Andrew Chen) #15

Bart, what kind of feedback are you looking for? Please be as specific as possible, and provide some context too.


I’m looking for feedback about the presentation to VCs, do you think is enough to present the idea or you miss some important info or don’t care about certain slide.

To put you in context, our solution is a traction analytic platform. It collects info about your different customers acquisition channels, taking in consideration expenses and revenue in each one and giving you metrics like CAC, ROI, LTV, MRR, Churn rate, funnel conversion… It’s limited to SaaS companies so it provides metrics for subscription business model.

The is only one player who take in consideration your marketing expenses, (RJmetrics) but we have discovered the is place for another player.

I know you don’t have enough info about why we think there is market for us, but to have your thoughts about the project will be really useful.


(Scott Cadora) #17

Bart - If you don’t mind, I’ll offer a few thoughts on your deck. Overall, I think that it’s a good start but does need a few revisions.

  1. Opportunity is misspelled in the left hand column. Looks like your spell check is set to Spanish, which explains the error but if you’re going to pitch in the US, you might want to change that setting. Not trying to pick nits but it’s an error that can be easily corrected.

  2. Like the visualization of your VP in the opening page.

  3. Problem page uses good imagery but you might consider a brief summary text statement to ensure that the reader accurately interprets the problem statement.

  4. Similarly your Unfair Advantage is not clear. A 1 liner text might help clarify.

  5. Sales & Marketing page is neither clear nor compelling. I understand each component but I don’t see how it ties together into a go to market plan.

  6. Biz Model: Seems a bit light. Might consider adding some more details on the pricing model and expected revenues.

  7. Forecast page: Not sure that VC’s are going to buy a 5 fold revenue growth and a 92% profit margin in year 5, especially with only 30 employees. Not sure of your underlying assumptions but the hockey stick rise is so sharp as to detract from your message.

Hope these comments are helpful. Good luck.

Are we crazy to fundraise without product or traction?

@ScottCadora, thank you man, I appreciate it a lot.

My idea was to explain what you said in the presentation, but I guess some phrases won’t hurt anybody.

About point 7 it’s the same, it has its explanation, but it is based on assumptions. Numbers from Guy Kawasaki: $0 first year, $75-$100 fifth years. The ideal here will be to have some traction and be able to make numbers based in that traction. I’ll rethink it.

Thanks for the typos too! You caught me :slight_smile: Too much Spanish.


(Vinish Garg) #19


I have been following this conversation, and all your directions so far on pitch decks.
I will really appreciate if you can have a quick look at our Teaser Pitch, for ContentHug. The deck is available at:


  • Vinish

Deck feedback for ContentHug
(Mayouf) #20

Hey Vinish,

Great work with contenthug. How can i reach on email?

(Vinish Garg) #21

Hey Mayouf

Thanks for your note. Write to me at vinish dot garg at vhite dot com


  • Vinish

(Andrew Chen) #22

Are you looking for any specific feedback for the deck? Happy to flip through it.