Can Web Push Notifications replace email marketing?

(Jagadeesh ) #1

Would you think web push notifications can replace email marketing?

(Echotsui) #2

I dont think so.
When there are too many notifications, users might feel annoyed. They could choose to turn off the notifications. But, seldom of them might turn off the e-mail notifications as they’re afraid of missing the important e-mails.

(Luis Guzmán) #3

Email is still our “digital home”. So for me email is still a place for transactional things and push notifications is a tool for customer nurturing.

(Rich Akhmerov) #4

The question is really broad. What kind of email marketing are you talking about?

(Michael Levett) #5

No. Push notifications currently do not give the user the ability to fetch - some people get 20/30/40 etc to look through in the morning.

Push notifications are notoriously probably only 100 characters too - too short to get some points across.

(Harshit Choudhary) #6

A good if not the most portion of email marketing relies on the fact that email is a permanent digital address with a high information exchange capacity. So, I don’t see it happening till this is handled.

Edit: I just realised how old this post is. :neutral_face:

(Vipul Bansal) #7

I don’t see email being completely replaced with any other channel in the near future. It’s a personal medium and all its content stay with you.
Web push notifications are just that - notifications. You don’t always need a ‘notification’. You get notified once, you take an action and get done with it.

However, the plus point of web push notification is the urgency of action it creates. Since users know that if they don’t respond to the notification, they might miss a deal they are more likely to click on it.
Having said that, I also notice people compalining about the very mechanism of push notification. And that complain is mostly linked with ‘annoyance/irritation’. But that is an emotion more personal to a person.

Just like anything, if you overdo push notification with a selfish objective you will annoy your listeners.
Figure the early days of email. It was a new channel and everybody wanted to try it out. Soon businesses started over utilizing emails which lead to spamming.
A big concern that businesses have today is “how to get our emails in users’ primary folder?” This is the consequence of spamming this channel.

Similarly, push notification is a new channel. And the same concerns are attached to it as well. We as businesses need to be mindful of this fact and use this channel wisely so that people feel delighted to receive them.

3 words - Precise, Timely, and Relevant.
If you understand and follow these words, you won’t be annoying your audience.

(Ziv Shalev) #8

I think IMM (Instant messaging marketing) will be way more powerful than email marketing. There are many reasons for that, one of them is: try asking ppl at their 20ies about their emails…

(Andrew Chen) #9

For web push notifs to be adopted widely, it has to be more useful. At the moment it seems like there’s not a lot of feature uptake and there aren’t any new/cool use cases that are driving consumers to say “yes.” I think we’ll have to wait for that.

Also, notifications are annoying, and will be abused. Better to be asynch. Maybe the model will move towards having an asynch “browser inbox” as opposed to a notifications model.