Can an underwear company do exponential growth?

(Hwansoo Kim) #1

It could sound strange, I run my underwear company and have met many people talking about the underwear company like Meundies, Tommy John can’t do exponential growth because many of ordinary people don’t care about their underwear and don’t want to change theirs. Just imagine and tell me your imagination about a new theory of the underwear company which can do disrupting. :slight_smile:

(Chai Lim) #2

It can if you have the drive to disrupt. You could have made the same “people don’t really care” arguments about Dollar Shave Club, and look where they ended up.

What is special about your company - what’s your drive/angle - price, quality, speed, replacement, etc etc

(Ateeq Ahmad) #3

I agree with If I may offer a suggestion, go after people like me who really do have to care about undies because of haemorrhoids. I know it sound strange but I am sure a lot of people need soft underpants and can’t talk about it in public because of the “gross effect”. Of course, you do need to have the qualities you advertise otherwise it won’t work. Thanks for asking the question Hwansoo Kim!

(Hwansoo Kim) #4 got it :slight_smile:

(Tomislaw Dalic) #5

think this answers your question: