Building Smart Home tech, Content feed, and App Dev Team

(Mark Tan) #1

Happy New Year everyone! I’m part of the Product team at Wyze Labs and I’m reaching out to this network to ask several questions. Who among here:

  • Work in the smart home space, wearables, and personal health tech
  • Have built a content feed like Newsfeed or Instagram with content moderation from scratch
  • Have built an app development team (Seed or Series A size companies) and have experience organizing charter between onsite and remote teams
  • Anyone who will be at CES?

If you are open to discussing any of these, let me know and would love to chat. More info about Wyze: Started in July 2017 by all ex-Amazon founding team. We launched our first product, Wyze Cam, in October 2017 and currently have two smart home cameras in the market and sold over 1M cameras in the first year of sales. In 2019 we will expand our hardware product offerings and introduce value-add services to our apps like extended cloud storage, AI and person recognition. Some info about Wyze here, here, and here.

(Kevin Magna) #2

Hello Mark! It would be great to connect. I built two businesses in the smart home/personal safety space. I’m also a WyzeCam customer. If it’s ok I’ll schedule some time on your calendar to connect. Looking forward to it. Kevin

(Mark Tan) #3

Let’s chat, pick a time here based on what’s most convenient for you.