Bot User Growth

(David Cohen) #1

Hey Everyone,

I’m looking to get together with other bot focused growth people. Interested in knowledge sharing, partnership ideas, and anything else that comes to mind. I know there are some existing meetups etc, but thought this is a good place to start a new line of growth conversations!

(Diego Mendez) #2

I am in! I think a mailisr or slack/skype group would be bettter to have online chat at some given schedules!

(Harsha) #3

I am in, Let me know if you are starting any online channels :slight_smile:

(Billy Runyan) #4

Good one here…

(Diego Mendez) #5

please give me access to diegomendez89 at

(Nirav Saraiya) #6

Sign me up!

(Courtney Pruitt) #7

Could you sign me up as well?

(David Cohen) #8

Thanks all, I’ll work on starting a channel.

(Tod Kiryazov) #9

Could I get access to this slack channel @Brunyan? todkiry [at]
Thank you!

(Billy Runyan) #10

Not mine, it was an open slack channel but may have hit its limit…

(Billy Runyan) #11

It was an open slack channel but may be full

(yiannis stamoulis) #12

could you please sign me up…

(David Tang) #13

Sign me up please!

(David Cohen) #14

Hey everyone, I opened the channel, sorry for the delay! Its botgrowth.slack. Looking forward to sharing ideas, thoughts and more!

(Harsha) #15

Hey, please shoot me an invite at Thank you

(Paul Cohen) #16

Please shoot me an invite at

(Gabe) #17

Same here!

(Quentin Hervé) #18

If still possible, I would love to be part of it:

(Travis Yeh) #19

Hey, Dave! Can I get an invite to the group? It’s Thanks!

(Michael Briggs) #20

Hi Dave. If its still running would be interested in joining Thanks in advance