Best way to find a killer app developer?

(Nate ) #1

I’ve been working on designs for a mobile app and know many developers. Most can do the backend work for an app, but I’m struggling to find or know how to vet candidates. How do you find killer app developers?

(utkarsh) #2

I am a killer app developer. You can visit my Upwork profile: or message me directly at

(utkarsh) #3

Being a prior CTO I can offer advice on how to vet developer for free.

(Devang) #4

A) Struggling to find app developer
B) Struggling to screen killer app developer among all the leads

You could be facing either one or both of the struggles.
For A) if you’re searching for freelancers see or gigster
For B) your advisor network should be able to help

(Nate ) #5

Thanks to both of you.

Devang, it’s been part of both. As I build out this app, I want it built to high standards so that, if successful, I’m not rewriting immediately afterward. Finding someone I trust to do that has been difficult. When using the sites like toptal, gigster, or upwork, do you interview the developers before hiring?