Best primer on Facebook Ads?

(David Janczyn) #1

Hi, does anyone recommend some free Facebook Ads resources, so that I can challenge my team a bit more intelligently?

I work with dedicated FB media buyers and have begun to question some of their tactics. (as an example, we run multiple AdSets with 50k+ impressions that are quite similar, but only have ~10 conversions per AdSet.
It seems to me we should combine these Adsets into 1, so that the FB algorithm has more conversion data to work with).


EDIT: I was lucky enough to stumble across Julian Shapiro’s guide here:, which has more than I think any of us could ask for.

(Sambit Behera) #2

They have a pretty decent docs site for devs using their preferred marketing apis with read/write access for ads

(Sambit Behera) #3

read up about inktomi… should be a primer to the whole industry

(Paola Bonomo) #4

As far as “free” goes, the AdEspresso guides and blog are a very good resource:

(disclosure: I am a past investor in AdEspresso, now owned by Hootsuite).