Best day to send marketing emails over the holidays?

(Amro Naddy) #1

I have a friend who’s sending a marketing email to an active audience of about 35-45k subscribers over Christmas. She just asked me what the best day would be to send. My immediate response was, “segment the audience and send in batches over 5 days if you’re looking to test for ‘best day’,” but for a more gut answer, curious the group’s thoughts.

I once did an email campaign with a strategic partner over Christmas of 2015, we bought a dedicated email to send to an audience of about 2.5mm subscribers, and because we were delivering it over Christmas, we got it at a 50% discount. The conventional wisdom was, “Don’t send over Christmas”. The campaign ended up doing really well for us – open rate was par for that partner (~20%), click rate was strong for the creative (don’t remember), and we got higher than expected traffic as it delivered between the 23rd and 25th.

(Meghan McCarthy) #2

I’ve worked B2B email campaigns with audiences between 250k-500k and we always saw higher-than-expected open rates over holidays. This was for a policy/regulation focused crowd, but it seemed that they were in to escaping family and checking their work email.

(Tanmayi Sai) #3

For my consumer product (specifically game apps) we saw best email open rates from 23-26. The marketing campaigns did include sales for holidays which are some of the best offers throughout the year. Our users spend a lot more time over holidays in the app compared to regular days.
We also try to work in the creatives that fit the holiday theme . All the marketing effort around holidays specifically ON the day of the holiday has been positive ROI for us.