Benchmarking SMS to Install Conversion rates

(Loren Appin) #1

Curious what others are seeing? SMS is usually a pretty important channel for viral invites sent out by users, but I haven’t seen much talked about in terms of what the typical SMS to click, and then overall SMS to install conversion rate is.

(Viral Patel) #2

Hi @loren,
As you pointed out SMS is a very important channel for viral invites, in fact, we at have seen SMS to be the second most popular channel (after WhatsApp) in driving virality. Recently we did a study together with Sega Hardlight which you can see here.

Average click to Install conversion for SMS we have seen is around 25%, whereas sent to install conversion is around 5%. SMS as an invite channel is more successful in US where we see twice the conversion.

Viral Patel (Founder @ GetSocial)