B2C2B approach case studies

(VHI) #1

Hello team,
Have been researching the topic of B2C2B marketing for early stage companies. Besides Slack, Dropbox, and Casper, what other case studies do people know of that built a grass roots approach targeting the users of a product to get buy in from an owner.

Thank you for your input!

(Andrew Kvaal) #2

Not quite b2c2b, but education has elements of this — I work for a formerly-known-as-textbook-publisher. We build product that is used by both professors (the decision maker) and students (the payer and influencer). Especially since students are the mission, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to spin the wheel via their satisfaction.

(VHI) #3

Great to know! My question is then, how much the satisfaction of the students plays in the way you target the academics?

(Andrew Kvaal) #4

apologies - missed that you had replied with this question - which is a good one.

Student satisfaction matters quite a lot. There are two dimensions - one is satisfaction and the other is efficacy. We highlight both.

Satisfaction: the tools have to work and students needs to discern value in using them. If we fail in that, the typical behavior is that students complain, make life difficult for instructors, often rate them poorly, and in some cases vote with their feet by dropping or selecting courses that don’t rely on our products.

Efficacy: it matters that our products support learning and that students learn more/better. Obviously an important value proposition and frankly, one that’s hard to measure.

We make both these concepts front and center in our value positioning to instructors, but also add others (e.g. there is a workflow/efficiency value prop as well).

hope this helps and happy to elaborate if I can.