B2B SaaS Marketing At Scale

(Rishi Shiva) #1

Thank you for the invite @andrewchen. Looks like a great forum. I see much content on B2C growth strategies. Not much on B2B, SaaS side.

We are a SaaS company that uses AI to automate mobile UA across FB, GOOG, SNAP, and Apple search. We are doing ok building new business via our efforts on LinkedIn, SEM and FB offers.

We want to do this at scale, wondering if anyone here has insights or a marketing angle to share that will help us amplify our growth. We are doing a lot of micro-events that is helping us build interest in our platform. Would love to 10x it without breaking the bank :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

(Andrew Chen) #2

It’s a bit on the older side now, but I think this is the best book on the entire topic. Written by one of the key players that built Salesforce. Link below.

Generally I think there’s actually a ton on B2B/SaaS. It’s over at SaaStr, Forentrepreneurs, etc. The challenge is that it feels noisier and less relevant than the consumer stuff.

(Erik Bower) #3

I would recommend taking the accounts you have already sold to and building a target list of accounts based on a simple lookalike model. That will increase your hit rate instead of wading through a bunch of accounts that were never going to buy. So who will buy next is already in your data. Worked for us.