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(Matt) #94

Hi Andrew,

I’m the Media Manager of a Melbourne-based startup called Arcade. We believe there is a gap in the gamification market within sales teams and are working towards getting our unique platform infront of as many investors as possible.

Please feel free to take a look at our website or our twitter handle @arcadethegame if you’d like some more background information.

We are trying to increase our traffic across all forms of social media and we are very interested in how you went about this? I’ve taken twitter followers from about 300 to nearly 900 in 2 months, but would like to increase this number more quickly.

Please, any feedback or insight that you have would be amazing.

Thanks in advance


(Mitali Pattnaik) #95

Did you consider using Slack for this community instead? Why did you go this route vs. Slack?

Slack versus forums
(atibhi mehra) #96

Hi Andrew, Congrats on your new role in Uber . I found you on and am so glad to connect to your blog , You have such a wealth of information and have successfully showcased yourself as an expert on growth hack, mobile marketing etc across forums .

I was wondering if you could share with the group some tips on what worked , what didn’t work for you as you started out on your journey . What were the right platforms you used to blog, express , how did you start , what are the key suggestions you would give to a person who has the required knowledge, expertise and experience in the field and would now like to share & influence a large community with that knowledge


Hi Andrew!

I was reading your post titled “New data shows losing 80% of mobile users is normal, and why the best apps do better,” and I have a few questions on the table data. How can apps - especially Top Tier Apps - have attrition rates that drive their active number of users to zero? At some point, wouldn’t the data show a plateau - or in the case of Top Tier apps, shouldn’t there be an increase? When does that occur?



(Abel Caballero Díaz) #98


If you where creating a mobile app and your “” domain wasn’t available, would you go with the .co or .io domain or would look for a “” domain?


(Franco Breciano) #99

Hey Andrew!

How are you? My questions is short: what tool do you recommend for tracking a mobile app? I’ve tried Flurry and it’s okay but they are slow processing funnels and limit segments to only 10.

I would love to hear your recommendations based on your experience.


(William) #100

Possible Future Blog Post - Dropbox’s decision to shutter Mailbox App

I am curios to hear your thoughts on the matter, if you have any.

(Andrew Chen) #102

(Yuvrajsinh) #103

Non-technical. Where do you find your inspiration? For life and for profession? Whom do you follow?

(J D) #104

How to get initial content?

What were strategies for “THE BACKSTORY” getting content as well as users?

(Qindi Zhang) #105

Hi Andrew,

I would love to pick your brain on time management.

Uber is known to be extremely demanding. How do you juggle your time between a full-time job, a personal site/blog and other speaking & industry engagement?

Do you mind sharing a sample schedule of your typical day?


(Marcos E. Garciaacosta) #106

Hi Andrew, are you into robotics

(seyed hani emamjomeh) #107

@andrewchen Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
I wanna know about HR and Organization Structure in your VC?

as we work in our VC ( we are focused on Venture Partners and some Associates in Legal and Finance (Accounting, Tax, …).

but we are blind in Finance in general for our VC, Is it necessary to hire some talents who has CFA or not?