Ask me anything! (Andrew Chen)

(Andrew Chen) #22

Unfortunately we don’t have a program like this!

We do hire investment partners - typically out of operating roles. The best thing is to have a track record at one of the hypergrowth tech companies in the Bay Area, spend a lot of time making yourself visibile in the ecosystem, and then I’ll come find you :slight_smile:

(Levi Bethune) #23

@andrewchen What’s the elevator pitch for your forthcoming book? Tell me why I should be excited about it. You know, like I’m not already.

(Andrew Chen) #24

Crossing the Chasm, but for consumer companies in 2019. With case studies from Uber, Twitch, Insta, Airbnb, etc. Should be fun.

(Meghan McCarthy) #25

Okay now for a less philosophical / more tactical question: When getting a product off the ground, what is the right mix of paid growth versus organic/earned growth?

I’m converting 15% of people who hit my paywall into paying customers at $10 a week/$30 a month, but right now its a pretty narrow window of time that someone would be interested (parents looking for daycare in DC and NYC). That is largely through FB ads and a little content marketing.

Traditional referral programs to gain viral growth are a challenge, because people don’t necessarily know a lot of people in their city who are pregnant at the same time as themselves.

Anyway TLDR – should I be less cynical about the potential for viral growth, even in a niche market?

(Brett Green) #26

I keep hearing you on podcasts talk about looking for an exciting startup that leverages the workplace social-graph and associated data (calendars, slack etc).

I’m sure by now, someone has tracked you down and pitched this idea. Have you found any hot startups that are tackling this?

(Andrew Chen) #27

I can’t talk about which startups pitch me :slight_smile: but any products that about communication and collaboration in the workplace could have a tie in. This is more of a product aspect as opposed to a product category

(Ajay Mishra) #28

Hi Andrew,

I read your blog on product-market-fit I am wondering if you need a person with some specific skills on your team to increase your chances.


(Chris Miano) #29

Thanks for doing this and making yourself available, I’m very grateful for the insights you’ve provided since I started following your work.

Any advice for MVP-level sales team management? We’re running super lean (as in nobody’s getting paid until we make money) and my sales team is basically just people who are true believers and have access to the B2B market we need. They do have some sales experience, but this is all of their first time trying to sell a brand new product with a ‘still working on it’ business model. We’re self-funded for the most part and live in place that isn’t very wealthy, so we don’t have access to the capital required to really build out a robust sales team yet (nor should we without validating business model first).

My first thought is that I need to take the bull by the horns and show’em how it’s done and that will ease some of the insecurity around selling. Other than that can you share some insight into overcoming this challenge? I know it’s kind of vague and open-ended, but I think it’s a problem a lot of young startups face.