Anyone here really into fitness?

(Dan Zhao) #1

I would love to chat with you! I have some idea for a mobile product that I would like to validate and want to understand how athletes think. Please comment here or just dm me. Thanks!

(Brad) #2

Hey Dan,

I’m focused on making fitness a priority in my life. I used to be a personal trainer and work with athletes of young ages to College age - training for semi-pro teams.

I’ve been interested in creating a mobile product for this market for some time, but if you’re working on one, would love to hear about it and share insights.

Reply here or DM me if you believe I might be of value.


(Dan Zhao) #3

Hey Brad! That’s awesome. I’m gonna send over some details via DM. Thanks!

(Brad) #4

Sounds good, Dan! Looking forward to connecting.

(Lateef Mauricio) #5

Road cyclist here. Happy to answer any questions here or in DM.

(Ryan Lawrence) #6

Hey Dan,

I am a frequent gym goer, football (soccer) player, coach and have recently started training Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. As you can see, I place a huge importance on sports and fitness in my life.

Let me know if I can help.

(Dan Zhao) #7

Awesome! Just DM’d you with more info + a few q’s

(Nam Nguyen) #8

Hey Dan, I work out about 5 times per week. Crossfit type workouts. I use to train in Krav Maga. Please feel free to DM me. best, nam.