Anyone can recommend growth related workshops?


Hi all, I am currently looking for growth related workshops either in Europe or North America.

I’m currently in the mobile gaming and mobile wellness space with a focus on a subscription model.

Any recommendations?

(Gil Akos) #2

Hi Thiago,

For a DIY resource, I found Julian Shapiro’s Growth Marketing Guide super useful.

For a guided option, I’m currently enrolled in Bell Curve’s training program (Julian’s consulting firm). Finding it pretty amazing thus far! And it’s all online curriculum with Slack for the training cohort.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, will have a look.

(Tanmayi Sai) #4

Reforge has been useful for PM’s /Growth team at Zynga, a lot of my colleagues have attended:

(Pieter Koenis) #5

Hey Thiago,

I personally like to think of our customer insights training in Amsterdam as a growth related training. It will help you understanding your target audience and how to get them hooked.

Another nice Amsterdam based academy is Growthtribe, I once joined one of their courses.

Best of luck and ping me when you’re around!