Any recommended UX user flow tools?

(Josh Meyer) #1

Hey everyone,

My team is looking for a UX user flow tool for our retail app. We want to be able to track user journeys better than Google Analytics’ current user flow tool. Any recs?



Hotjar is great. Easy to implement and free to try out and get used to. Start there.

Here is our share link (you might get something for using it, I don’t know):

(Laura Levy) #3

For desktop, I agree, Hotjar is a good place to start. For mobile apps, I recommend you try Appsee (full disclosure: I’m on the team). The user flows tool includes screen recordings of user sessions for every flow, so you can see exactly how users are interacting with the app each step of the way. You can also examine abnormal flows and understand why they’re happening. Here’s a link to the user flow feature: