A view on growth in Toronto & next steps

(Chris Hamoen) #1

Hi all,

Former Director of Growth here turned startup founder - I’ve recently published an article on the state of growth in Toronto. I received quite a bit of feedback that these issues aren’t unique to Toronto - curious what your thoughts are for your region?

Also, headed down to SF for SaaStr next week, looking forward to it!

(Pranjali Anil Deshpande) #2

This is amazing, thanks for your thoughts Chris.
Am relocating to Toronto in 3 months, and will be looking for product roles and interesting problems to solve.
Fixing analytics and understanding drop-off points in user journeys , although a no-brainer, would be a great problem area to look at for a PM new to the city. Do you think so?

What are some other problem areas or blind spots in the tech eco-system in the city where PMs can make a big difference?